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The Best of Beauty 2013...

Although I've pretty much always been a skincare and makeup obsessive, at least I thought I was, it wasn't until last year that I really ventured out into the beauty world and tried new products, thanks to beauty blogging. I've always been a girl with a stash of products, but brand wise I hadn't expanded much further than Nivea skincare and Rimmel makeup. So this year has brought me lots of new goodies and I'm still learning how to test them out. It was pretty hard to choose, so I limited it to ten products and four brushes. Here's what made the cut for my Best of Beauty 2013...


I don't think there's a beauty blogger out there that hasn't tried this product, however this is actually an oldie for me. My mum discovered Liz Earle around 18 years ago after seeing an article in a magazine and she bought me my first starter kit for Christmas when I was 15. I used it, but being young, I didn't have my own money and therefore I didn't repurchase it, I did however sneak my mums whenever I could get away with it. It wasn't until the beginning of 2013 that I actually did repurchase it and it now takes pride in my bathroom on a permanent basis.

This is without a doubt the best cleanser I have ever used, it removes makeup with ease, leaves your skin smelling and feeling amazing and it helps to keep control of my spots too. This is a product that has been, and will continue to be repurchased by myself and my family members, even my mama loves it too!

After seeing the Superfacialist range by Una Brennan cropping up on blogs last year, I decided to check it out for myself and the Rose Hydrate Moisture Mask made it's way home with me first. This mask smells so good and is amazingly hydrating. After cleansing, I apply this mask liberally all over my face and neck whilst I take a relaxing bath and read a magazine, as it sinks in and works it's magic! I then remove this with a muslin cloth and warm water, rinsing in between, leaving my skin smelling fantastic, looking healthier, more hydrated and feeling super soft! It's actually back on my payday list to repurchase as I've just ran out :( 

After the hype surrounding the ever famous Bioderma, I really wanted to try a micellar solution, of course, if everyone else has the latest product on the market, I want it too! However when Bioderma first came onto the beauty blogging scene, it wasn't easy to get hold of and it's not particularly cheap either. So when this more affordable, readily available version by L'oreal came out, I needed to know what it did. I have to say I absolutely love this product and this is the fifth time I've repurchased it. I use this as a pre-cleanse to remove my makeup before I cleanse, and it just makes it so much easier, as this removes makeup with such ease! Got a tough to remove mascara? just pour this onto a cotton pad, hold against the eyelashes for 5-10 seconds, swipe, and repeat if necessary. I'm also a very lazy person and although I try to remove my makeup before bed, I'm not always a good girl and this just makes it a whole lot easier than cleansing on those lazy days. It's got to be better than face wipes, right?

Makeup Brushes...

I love the Real Techniques brushes as they're so gentle on the skin, there is no scratching, they make blending super easy and they do not shed whatsoever. They are easy to clean, and go back to their original shape once dry, without having do a thing. I seriously love these brushes and can't wait to get my hands on the new ones! 

The expert face brush is very similar to the buffing brush, however it's a little smaller and slightly denser. I like to switch between the two, depending on the effect I want to achieve, but I mostly find myself with the expert face brush, as it helps to achieve a flawless base.

The blusher brush is perfect for blusher, of course, however it's great for bronzer too. I was a little scared to use it at first as it's a lot bigger than any blusher brush I've used before, but it doesn't seem quite as big when your using it and applies product perfectly.

 The brow brush is my favourite, It works perfectly with my HD brow palette and the angled shape makes it perfect for applying the finely milled powder to create a strong brow.

This brush is thee perfect eyeliner brush! I am not the best at winged eyeliner, but with this brush I can actually achieve this look. I just wish that they sold these separately as mine is a little overused and I haven't taken as much care of it as I should have, so it could do with replacing shortly.


Since the HD Brow hype first started I've always wanted to try this palette, and thanks to Latest in Beauty and Glamour, I finally got round to trying it out when I ordered their amazing collaboration box. I have not put this down since I opened it, I have used it every single day and I don't think anything could ever replace it! I use the lighter of the brown shades with my Real Techniques Brow Brush to create my signature brow.

This was one of those products that I ummed and ahhed about for a while, but I am so glad that I finally bit the bullet and bought it. I love how I have three products in one place, which makes it perfect for travelling, and takes up less space in my makeup bag. Usually in palettes, there is usually at least one part that you may not particularly like as much as the others but I love all three of these and they are all now part of my daily makeup routine.


I wanted to name this section powders but my poor little eyeliner would have had to take a seat on it's own, so I decided to throw it in here and name it pots... creative, not.

I didn't realise how much I liked this powder until I tried a different one after running out, and boots enticing me with their offers. I then realised how much I missed this powder and had to repurchase it. This is a fine, lightweight translucent powder that leaves the skin looking radiant and best of all, it has an amazing scent! I'm hooked!

This is the prettiest pink blush I have ever owned! Pink Swoon gives a gorgeous natural pink flush to the cheeks and I love that it's buildable yet blends easily, because if like me, you sometimes go a little too overboard, there's no need to take it all off. I like to use this for nights out or when I'm feeling a little rough and need a little pick me up.

Who doesn't love All That Glitters? If you don't have it, you need to a least swatch it :) I've become a litlle obsessed with Mac eyeshadows at the moment and have found myself reaching for this one on a daily basis, as it's easy to sweep all over the lid for a effortless yet glam look.

 L'oreal Superliner Gel Intenza in Pure Black £9.99 Superdrug

This is without a doubt the best thing I discovered in 2013! This eyeliner is perfect for people like me, who do not have a steady hand as the brush makes it easy to apply. The eyeliner is quite wet, so I do have to keep my eyes closed for a few minutes after application to avoid smudging it, as my eyelids are quite hooded, if that makes sense? but that doesn't bother me too much because once it's dried, the staying power is incredible, it stays on from the second I put on until the second I take it off! What more could you ask for?!

So there you have it, my Best of Beauty 2013, all of these product are used in my current makeup and skincare routines and they will all be pretty hard to beat, I'm still on the lookout for the perfect foundation though, so that's my aim for 2014!

What's in your top beauty favorites for 2013?


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