Sunday, 5 January 2014

2014 is my become organised - The Filofax edition

So we can choose to make new resolutions any time of the year, but I'm pretty sure the New Year is a good place to start right?!

Although I have quite a few new resolutions for this year, my most important one is probably to become more organised! Anyone that knows me, knows that I am not an organised person by any means and I always forget to do everything! I am thee worst at texting back, and there is no point asking me to remind you to do anything, because I'll most likely forget...

So that's where my new filofax comes in to play...

I adore this little message by Alice Temperley, I think it adds the perfect personal touch!

 This filofax was inspired by Temperley London 2012 cruise collection and is the perfect all round organiser for everyday, with everything you could possibly need in a diary and it doubles up as an evening clutch bag too.

This organiser is simply perfect for becoming, well...organised! With a section for your diary, projects, addresses, birthdays, notes and expenses, it makes it easier to keep a track of everything. It doesn't come with pages to slot in between these sections but you can easily make your own on word and print them out or buy note pages in personal size from the filofax website, my local Tesco sell them too, so it's worth a check. There is also your personal week-by-page diary for 2014 which you can replace each year with the new years diary and a ruler/pagemarker which is really handy when your in a rush to write something down.

If your the type of person who works to a very busy schedule and sometimes ends up having to get changed for a night out at work, to go out straight after, this diary could make that a tad bit easier for you too as the diary can simply be removed to reveal a clutch bag perfect for an evening out, with compartments for your cards, notes and there's even a coin compartment too.

I'm most excited about the projects, finance and extra diary section, because this year I aim to become more organised with my blogging, writing posts ahead of schedule and making sure that I blog at least 2-3 times per week, hopefully resulting eventually in scheduled posting on the same days each week. 

I also aim to write down what I spend each day and see where I'm spending far too much, learn to cut down and save! Is it bad that we're only on the fifth and I've already realised I spend far too much on makeup?! 

As for the diary section, this year I aim to take control of my IBS, writing a food diary, and keeping a track of what affects me and when. I have had IBS for five years now and a food diary is probably one of the most important things in pin pointing what your body can and cannot tolerate and I still have no idea, but I've also never kept up with a food diary for more than a week and I'm hoping my filofax will make this a little easier for me.

Have you made any new years resolutions?


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