Monday, 16 December 2013

Winter Warmers and Weekend Wonders #3

Hiya lovelies!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend and are all in the festive spirit ready for next week! Eeeek! Can you tell I am?

Last week I really wasn't feeling very festive at all! Everybody was talking about Christmas but I just wasn't in the festive spirit and I was really disappointed because I just love Christmas and am thee biggest kid about it all! Therefore this weekends mission was to make me feel Christmassy! Is that even a word?!

Saturday night after work was part one of my mission so I made Dan call at Morrisons to get me some marshmallows and chocolate sprinkles so that I could make hot chocolates, I then came in, had a shower, put on my favourite PJ's, made a hot chocolate and watched Sleepless in Seattle with a Pizza Hut. Dan wasn't too happy with the film of choice but this was the first time I had watched this film and I really loved it!

Sunday after Dan came home from football we headed to Tesco to finish off our Christmas shopping. I decided to take a quick look at the coats, as I've been searching for one since around september but I just haven't managed to find one I loved. That was until I saw this beauty in Tesco! I loved it as soon as I saw it but thought £60 was rather pricey for Tesco! or is it just me? I actually tried it on in the hope that it wouldn't look as good on, so that I wouldn't want to come back for it, does anyone else do this? However I loved it even more on and simply had to have it! I couldn't leave it on the rail all alone, it needed a new home! Honestly! I can't actually believe its an F&F coat though, I think it looks quite topshop-esque and I'm crazy about faux fur right now, so I think it was the perfect choice for me. 

We then headed into town to get our Christmas cards for the family and some wrapping paper as we'd run out, then we got some lunch and headed home. I put Michael Buble's Christmas album on whilst I finished my wrapping, and then we settled down to watch TV.

Today I got up super early with Dan and he dropped me off at my mums on his way to work, me and mum decided to have a Christmassy day and put up the tree, as she's been too busy to put it up before now. We had such a laugh, dancing around the room to Michael Buble's Christmas album, it's been on non-stop, and we couldn't help but laugh putting the lights up on the tree, as mum likes things perfect whereas I just throw them on any old how, so mum spent most of her time rearranging the lights that I'd put on :D I also spent the morning queuing on the Capital FM website trying to buy Beyonce tickets, I spent 35 minutes in a queue, I was then diverted to the page, where I was deciding which seats I wanted however I must have taken too long as it put me back in the queue, how frustrating? By the time I got back to the page to buy tickets, the only ones left were £94 which I couldn't justify paying, don't get me wrong I love Beyonce but that's a lot to spend and Dan was paying so I felt a little guilty and decided to leave it, also I needed three tickets but they were only allowing you to purchase two so I didn't get any :( 

After lunch me and mum headed into town as she had a few presents left to get, we then ended our lovely day with a black forest hot chocolate with soya milk at Costa and had a good natter. I love spending the day with my mum as I don't get to see her as much since I moved out and have been working full time. She always helps me with my problems and we always have a good laugh, she's not just my mum but my best friend :) cliched? maybe! But true!

What have you been up to this weekend? Are you feeling Christmassy yet?


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