Sunday, 29 December 2013

What I Got for Christmas...

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Hiya lovelies! I hope that you have all had an amazing Christmas!

I have thoroughly enjoyed this Christmas, which has been spent with my family, eating, drinking and literally crying with laughter at card and board games. Aren't these just the best moments? I am so so grateful for the people that I have in my life and that I am lucky enough to spend time with them at this magical time of year!

 One of my favourite things about Christmas is spoiling those that I love! Finding gifts that I know they will love and I too have been spoilt rotten this year! I was in two minds as to whether to do this post, as I don't want anyone to think that I am bragging in any way, because I'm not. I just love to see what everyone else receives for Christmas because I think it's nice to share what presents you got and let's face it, we're all nosy sods and if I love seeing these types of posts, I can guarantee others do too, so I thought why not? Here are some of my favourite presents...

Dan showed me just how well he knows me this year by spoiling me with the Canon EOS 1100D Camera, I've been saying how much I need to save up for one of these, and he's obviously been listening :) he got some serious brownie points here!  I couldn't have been happier when I opened this present and I haven't put it down since. I'm still getting the hang of it, so please bear with my pictures whilst I get used to it, I'm so excited about using this for posts it will definitely make blogging all the more fun!

I chose this Temperley Ikat Organiser from my brother for Christmas, as I love the design and am intent on becoming organised in the new year, because this is definitely not my strong point. 
 I'm not going to say any more because I want to do a full review on this product soon...

My friend Sophie bought me this trinket box and earrings, which I absolutely adore! She always buys unique presents from little gift shops and I always look forward to my presents from her, as she always puts so much thought into them and I know not many other people will have them.

My mum and dad bought me this gorgeous little necklace which made me smile, as I'm a true romantic at heart and believe we really do 'live to love'.

My friend Stacy bought me these Yankee candle votives in the scent Snowflake cookie, which couldn't have made me happier! I'm obsessed with candles and I adore the sweet Christmas scents, I can't wait to get burning these!

My mum and dad know just how much I love my beauty products and I absolutely love storage, I even hoard storage boxes, so I was really excited to see this acrylic storage tray in my pile come Christmas morning! I've already crammed it full of lipsticks and various other beauty products, however I think I'm going to need a few more! 

I did choose these two real techniques brushes, as my mum can't keep up with which ones I have and which ones I don't and I can't wait to use them, as I believe they really are the key to a flawless look!

We have a little shabby chic style gift shop in our town, which me, my mum and my sister love! We can never take a trip into town without popping in there and buying a little something. One thing that we've all come to love is the Bath House Perfumes, and my mumma bought me my first one! It smells ah-mazing! 

Last off is my Mac goodies :) I've wanted to start a palette for so long, so I chose a few bits from my mama who bought me the palette, Satin Taupe and Jest. My mum also bought me Nylon and surprised me with Mac Hue, as I'd been banging on about it for weeks. I just need one more eyeshadow now, any suggestions are welcome :)

I also got lots of smellies, chocolates, clothes and pajamas, you know, the usual stuff, but I just wanted to pick a few out to show you and I may put some of the bits together for other blog posts.

Did you have a lovely Christmas? What did you get off Santa?


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