Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Want to look like a goddess? Eye of Horus have it covered...

'inner beauty is great, but a little mascara never hurt'

The Company...

Eye of Horus are an Australian owned company who created their products after the girls behind the brand suffered from eye sensitivities themselves. They based their products on ancient Egyptian formulas and ingredients, using natural waxes and ancient Egyptian oils, such as the moringa oil used in their mascara, to create natural products suitable for sensitive eyes and they have finally made their products available to us in the UK. 

Eye of Horus pride themselves on their efficient and fast delivery service, their high level of customer service and they promise not to test on animals. They promise to only offer high standard products, deliver exceptional customer service, provide fast delivery, stand by the product and listen to their customers. They also 100% customer satisfaction and promise not to use animal hair for any of their cosmetic brushes. Sounds promising right?!....

The Product...

Makeup is used to enhance your natural beauty and I am always on the hunt for a new mascara to enhance my eyes, as I consider these to be my best feature! Mascara is one of those 'can't live without' products, my eyes just feel so naked without it! However my eyes are seriously sensitive and they either stream, puff up or I end up with a dreaded sty, which is pretty sore, if an eye product doesn't agree with me. I thought that I found the perfect mascara, that was until this beauty was brought to my attention! I must admit, having not heard of this company until now, I wasn't sure what the product would be like and whether or not I would get on with it, but after using this daily since I received it, I have to say, I really do adore this mascara! 

(Immediately after application.)

This mascara applies like a dream, with no clumping in sight, the flexible brush makes for easy application whilst the mascara naturally curls and lengthens your lashes as the wax sets, and I find that with two coats, with around 60 seconds in between each, you can achieve amazing volume too. The staying power is what seriously amazes me! I apply this at 7am in a morning before work and at 10pm it still looks just the same, with no smudging or panda eyes due to the wonderful wax based formula, leaving your mascara looking fresh all day long (see pictures below). The best thing I have found, is that you don't feel like your wearing mascara! I find that some are way too heavy, they have fibres constantly falling in your eyes and clumps so big they kinda hurt, a little too dramatic? you get the jist! With this mascara, there are no clumps, no fall out and it's literally weightless! I seriously cannot find a fault!


(Around 15 hours after application, there is no smudging, the lashes are still curled and it still looks freshly applied! Sorry about the pictures, they were taken late and I purposely didn't retouch them to show the true effects.)

This product could not be easier to remove, with the website suggesting that you simply just need warm water and a face washer to do so, I do use my trusty Liz earle cleanser, warm water and a muslin cloth to remove mine, but it simply comes of in a few swipes, with no elbow grease required.

Recently I have been trying to be more conscious about the products I buy, how they are made and the ingredients they contain, therefore questioning whether or not I should buy the product and Eye of Horus make this such a simple task. They are one of the few companies that do not test on animals, are completely paraben free and although their products are not classified as 100% natural they do use as many natural products as possible.

I would seriously recommend this mascara to everyone! I am in complete awe of how amazing it really is and I will most definitely purchase another when this one runs out.

Eye of Horus products are available to purchase from John Bell & Croyden, and

Have you tried any of the Eye of Horus cosmetics yet?


*PR Sample - although this product is a PR Sample, these views are entirely my own and are 100% honest

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