Monday, 25 November 2013

Weekend Wonders #2

Warning: I would strongly advise that you prepare a hot drink beforehand, 
because this is going to be a long one...

Hi guys, hope you all had a fantastic weekend and are all enjoying your fresh start this Monday!

This weekend was a little different for me because I actually had Saturday off, which was pretty amazing because I graduated too! I was a little nervous at first, as I didn't have a clue what to expect, so I thought I would share my experience for anyone who has a graduation coming up and feels the same.

I have studied for a foundation degree in International Spa Management for the past two years at West Nottinghamshire College in connection with University of Derby and I graduated at Kelham Hall on Saturday which is just the most beautiful place I have ever seen! Unfortunately I was too busy to take pictures, and left the camera's in the hands of my mum and Dan, which meant that we don't have any pictures of the building or gardens, just me :)

 The day wasn't what I expected at all, to be honest I don't know exactly what I was expecting...When we first arrived I had to leave Dan and my mum while I went to get my cap and gown, my cap was far too big and the man went through 5 different sizes because apparently my heads small :/ I then had to go through to have my photo taken, and then photographer made me smile with my teeth! I hate my teeth! So no doubt that's the photo I'll get... I then went to find my mum and Dan, my mum had to pin my gown for me, luckily I remembered my pins! We then went to mingle with the rest of my group and it was amazing to see everyone again, as we haven't seen each other since we left in May so it's been a while, we all caught up on life and before we knew it, it was time to go in. 

All family and friends went in first, whilst all graduates were made to line up in order of stage appearance and were given the itinerary, this made me feel like I was back in school and ready to go on stage for a play. We all filed in, sat down and listened to the principles speech, which went on for a good while, we then listened to a musical interlude by a former student and then got ready to go on stage, where we received our certificates. I managed not to fall on stage! Yay! Go me! 

After watching everyone collect their certificates, we listened to a speech by Lord Bilimoria who is the founder and chairman of Cobra beers, he gave an amazing and inspirational speech and I have since googled everything about him! Stalker? me? Nah! All of the teachers, the principle and Lord Bilimoria then stood in two lines, facing each other and they applauded us as we walked through the middle, which made me feel pretty special and was a great end to the ceremony. This sounds pretty short, but the speeches were long, and there were lots of certificates to give out, I think the whole thing lasts 1 hour 30 mins. Afterwards we headed out into the gardens to get a few more pictures and then we headed off home.

When we arrived at my mums, my mum made us lunch and then my mama came round, my mum and dad then gave me a card and a new Pandora charm with a graduate cap on, I thought this was so sweet and I couldn't be more grateful for what my mum and dad do for me! Me and Dan soon headed home and decided to spend a quiet night in front of the TV with a Pizza Hut and cookie dough.

Sunday I was a little teary as Dan started his nights shifts in his new job, I spent all day crying whilst he slept and then cried during the few hours I spent with him before he went to work, I have no idea why I cried?! I think I was just a little overwhelmed by the whole weekend. However I had a lovely evening in the end, I pulled myself together, and decided to spend a couple of hours away from all social media, and even my phone, whilst I watched Safe Haven on DVD; Whenever I watch films or TV I'm constantly on my phone and/or laptop for the whole duration and never really get into it, so this time I banned them, which I think did me good as I got stuck in to the film and just forgot about everything else for a little while, which I think we all need to do at times to keep sane.

Well that's my weekend gone, what did you get up to on your weekend?


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