Monday, 18 November 2013

Primark Haul

So whilst I should be buying Christmas presents, last week, I was out buying presents for me, which seems to be a typical dilemma for me at this time of year! isn't it for everyone? However these are only Primark purchases, hence the title, so nothing too naughty, that makes it ok right?!

Soft Blazer - Pink - £7 - Sale

I love to wear blazers at this time of year, especially when I'm going out and need to keep warm but a coat is a bit too bulky for the outfit and I loved this one as soon as I saw it! It's slightly cropped with three quarter sleeves, though this could just be me, because I'm tall and have long arms? with a soft cotton fabric and a pink silky lining, it's so comfy to wear and perks up a seemingly boring otherwise outfit too.

Support Vest -  Dark Grey - £2.50 and Love to Lounge Leggings - Grey - £5

I've been after some legging pajamas for ages but never really found a style I liked, but I really loved thee bottoms, as they're perfect to lounge in too. In my Primark there wasn't a top to go with these bottoms so i headed over to the underwear section where I found this support vest, which I think goes perfectly. These are the comfiest pajamas/loungewear I think I own and I've worn them pretty much everyday since I got them, I'm actually sad I had to put them in the wash and wear different Pj's tonight :(

3 Pack Scrunchies - Black - £1

I've been wearing more scrunchies lately as I think they leave less of a dent in your hair than regular bobbles and also they look pretty cute!

Cable Knit Gloves - Cream - £2

After insisting on walking the dog without any gloves everyday, resulting in frost bite and not being able to feel my fingers for an hour afterwards, I thought it was time I got some gloves. These cute cable knit ones just have two sections, one for your fingers and one for your thumb, as I'm sure you all know, which I just think are comfier for some reason, however it does mean that I can't use my phone when walking the dog, which I guess i don't really need to do anyway, but for £2 I'm pretty happy with these.

Gold Bar Necklace - £3

These necklaces are everywhere in so many colours and slightly different versions. I had to pick this one up  when I saw it as it's not only a great price but I think it will transform any outfit from day to night and would look pretty sweet, with a plain black midi dress and heels.

Wooden Hanging Heart - £1.50

Every time I go into Primark I see this and want it, but for some reason I never buy it, this time I decided to pick it up as I'm trying to save little bits and bobs for our 'bottom drawer' ready for when we move out and this a cute little touch to any wall or drawer.

Black Bag - £10

This has to be my favourite purchase, I mean, how amazing is this bag?! As soon as I saw it, I knew I was having it, no questions asked. I really don't think this looks like a Primark bag, and it doesn't have the little gold atmosphere badge on that they seem to be putting on bags lately, why do they do this? we want to pretend it's expensive, ok?! So if I saw this on someone else's arm I would never have guessed it was Primark! It doesn't have many pockets, just one zip inside at the back like most bags, but I don't really mind as it's still pretty drool worthy to me!

Have you been to Primark lately? What did you buy?


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