Thursday, 21 November 2013

An Affordable Alternative

These two foundations have taken a front seat in my makeup bag recently with me switching between the two, but one thing I have come to notice is that they are freakishly similar, in many ways. Could Revlon Colorstay in 220 Natural Beige be the Clinique Superbalanced in 02 Fair dupe?

Although the colour is not identical, it is probably as close as you would get between two different brands. Both foundations are quite thick in consistency and silky in texture, they apply smoothly and smell almost identical. They are both liquid foundations, however when dry leave a powdery feel to the skin and they both leave a matte finish.

Both seem to last a while, as a little goes a long way with each and they both have fairly good staying power, however I think that the Revlon one actually stays a little longer than the Clinique. Both are buildable, but yet again I think the Revlon foundation has the upper hand here with a touch better coverage overall. Clinique Superbalanced covers all most areas with one foundation that is for dry combination to oily combination skin, whereas Revlon Colorstay has two different foundations, one for combination/oily skin and one for normal/dry skin.

The are a couple of downsides to both of these foundations, firstly the smell, although it isn't unpleasant, it isn't the best scent for a facial product either. Also neither of these foundations have pumps, which I usually prefer, however these are just minor problems and wouldn't stop me purchasing either.

Overall I think these are pretty similar, and if both were given to me on a palette, I don't think that I would actually be able to tell the difference. However I do think that Revlon Colorstay is definitely a great dupe and also has a more appealing price at just £12.49 compared to Cliniques Superbalanced at nearly double the price at £22.

Have you tried these foundations? What did you think?


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