Sunday, 6 October 2013

Glossybox - The London Edition

Wow! How is it October already? I know we all say this, but...The days just seem to be flying by and Septembers Glossybox has been sat on my desk for wayyy too long now! So with Octobers box being due anytime soon...

Here's what I got in Septembers box...

Elizabeth Arden - Untold - Sample Size

This perfume smells truly amazing! I could sit and smell it all day... me? weird? never!
I've never really been the best at describing fragrances but I would say that this one is a really sophisticated and floral scent, which captures the modern working female. The scent is light enough for day and elegant enough for an evening dinner or drinks. The bottle is unique, with curvature, definition and illusion, the bottle appears to have diamond shaped cuts on both sides, however when you look closer there are lines on each side, cut only one way, but the opposite way on each side to create this illusion.

Eylure Pre-glued Lashes - Full Size

I was so excited to see these in my box, as I am hopeless at putting on false eyelashes, if there was ever an award for being the worst eyelash applier, I would definitely win it! I simply do not have the patience to wait for the glue to dry, and by the time it has dried, its practically in my eye and all over my eyelid, usually resulting in smudged eyeshadow and panda envying eyeliner, so in my eyes, excuse the pun, what could be better then pre-glued eyelashes? so much easier, right? However 30 minutes later and I became seriously disappointed with these. By the time i'd managed to adjust the eyelashes perfectly, roughly 10 minutes later, the 'glue' appeared to no longer be tacky and the eyelashes were simply falling off at the end, so I tried again to re-adjust and re-apply them, but another 20 mins later and I decided to finally give up. Maybe it's just because me and false eyelashes don't mix?! I have no idea! Did anyone else have a problem with these? let me know in the comments box below, but for now, I can't see me ever purchasing these eyelashes, which is such a shame as I find it to be such an ingenious idea!

Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe Classic Shine & Gloss Serum - Full Size

Not so long ago, I couldn't have cared less about hair products, probably because my hair has always been in pretty good condition. However since I decided to go crazy and have it bleached, I've started to take more care of it, as paired with a head of coarse long locks, as I'm sure you can imagine, it has started to lack in strength, shine and moisture. So any hair treatments, serums and sprays that will help and I'm happy to try them. This product smells seriously good and left my hair supershiny, which is amazing as it usually looks so dull, the packaging is also limited edition and is designed by Lulu Kennedy, there's nothing better than having a product that is only available for a limited time.

Be A Bombshell Cosmetics Onyx Eye Liner - Full Size

I'm that girl that wears eyeliner on a daily basis, my eyes just don't look the same without it! So of course I love to try out new eyeliners, and was so excited to see this in my Glossybox this month, especially because it's a felt-tip style nib, which I find the easiest to apply. This is a universal colour, fast drying, and easy to apply, if your not great at drawing cat eye flicks, try doing so with an eyeliner like this as it makes it ten times easier!

Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm For Lips - Sample Size

In all honesty I don't think that this is a big enough sample to base a true opinion upon. I did find that this product initially made my lips smooth when applied, but whether it would help in the long term with my ridiculously dry, chapped lips, I can only hope. It's definitely not a big enough sample to try on dry skin but I do love when a product is multipurpose like this one, as it allows you to put one product in your handbag rather than say five which can be used for a multitude of problems. 
The Glossybox card states that it can be used for:
  • chapped lips
  • burns
  • abrasions
  • minor incisions
  • cuticles
  • eczema
  • dry skin
  • mixing makeup such as pigments and glitter
  • shaping eyebrows
  • and even polishing your shoes!
 This product also gets a thumbs up from me for being 100% natural, hypoallergenic and scent free which means it can be used on you, your partner and your children, an essential for any handbag!

Overall I was really happy with my Glossybox this month, I love the new magazine that they've included, and the birchbox style product card, these really excited me as soon as I saw them, as I guess I feel like I'm getting a little extra for my money, and I'm obsessed with magazines! My only qualm with this month's box is that, when flitting through Instagram, my all time love, I found that some people had received a full sized HD or Rimmel Blusher instead of the tiny sample of lip balm, which I really don't think is a fair swap, and of course I always want what I don't have but I guess that's just how some months of Glossybox goes.

Are you subscribed to glossybox? What did you get in your box this month?


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