Thursday, 10 October 2013

A/W Haul

Come payday my wishlist is always as long as both arms put together, and this payday my list was even longer, so of course I had to narrow it down on my latest shopping trip and I decided to go for some A/W staples with a few added extras, here's what I got...

Black Diamond Quilted Jersey Jacket - River Island - £35

I couldn't help but fall in love with this jacket after seeing it on belles boutique's autumn haul video, and the day after watching it I went I obviously had to go out and buy it! The pictures here really don't do it any justice, apologies, it just wasn't working for me, so pop over to Laura's video if you want to see how gorgeous it really is. It is a thin, lightweight jacket, so it doesn't keep you particularly warm, but it is amazingly comfy and is so easy to pair with most outfits, so i think we can bypass this little blip, I usually team it with the jeans and boots in this haul below, as they're just the perfect A/W combination.

Embellished Knitted Cardigan - Zara -£35.99

Whenever Autumn appears, I make it my mission to hunt down the comfiest, coziest, fluffiest cardigan I can find, and this year, it didn't take me long at all! I don't usually shop in Zara, shock, horror, i know, but I find it over priced for the quality of the clothing. Don't get me wrong, I love a good Zara bag, and I am loving their perfumes too, but any item of clothing I have ever bought there has fell apart within weeks! The only reason I went in this time was to stock up on my Zara Black perfume, when I spotted this cardigan and fell in love! This is definitely the perfect winter cardi, and goes well with absolutely everything!

Denim Leggings - Next - £24

You know how they say every girl needs to find the perfect fitting jeans? Well these are mine! With my weight having been up and down constantly for the past three years, due to health issues, I've never been able to find a pair that particularly fit me, but my weight has been steady since January, yay me, and so I decided it was finally time to find the pair! Again it didn't take me long, I've done well this month, and ok I'm kinda cheating as they're called leggings, but they are more like a stretchy, soft jean and oh em gee they fit like a glove, AND they do make my ass look pretty good too, what's not to love?! Dan's mum even loved them so much on me, that she's bought some too!

Cut Out Cropped Tee - Primark - £3

This top was one of those, quick-primark-is-shutting-in-ten-minutes-grab-what-you-can purchases, and they actually only had size 12's and 16's left, I'm usually a size 10 so I picked up the size 12 for an oversized look, and I actually really like this top! Paired with high waisted jeans or leggings,boots and a jacket, it's a really nice touch to a lazy day outfit with the cutout flowers making it super cute and for £3 I really can't grumble!

Tartan Scarf - Primark - £4

So...Tartan's big, and I'm a sheep! I've never really been a big tartan fan, but this season it seems to be preetty huge! So I decided adding a few key pieces of the trend couldn't hurt, and what better way to start it off than with accessories? so when I saw this scarf in Primark for just £4 I thought why not?! And I've actually really fallen in love with it, I've had so many compliments when wearing this, which is always so nice, and I actually find it goes quite well with, well, just about everything! 

Fringed Shoulder Bag - Primark - £10

I really needed a new, bigger bag for work, as I have a lot to carry... phone, keys, notebook, lunch, kitchen sink....and I love a Fringed bag! It's large, it's black, it has a shoulder strap, it just pretty much ticked all the boxes, so of course it went straight into my basket and I've used it everyday since this baby came home with  me!

Black cut out Buckle Side Chelsea Boots - Riverisland - £35

I have been lusting after some cut out boots for so so long, I included them in my Autumn Wishlist a few weeks ago, so come payday I just had to go buy some, I love that the cut-out adds a little quirkyness and style compared to all the other black boots out there. The ones in my wishlist were actually from ebay and look almost identical for just £23.99 but I couldn't wait any longer and had already spotted these on the R.I website so I just bit the bullet and bought them. They aren't actually on the R.I website in black anymore, I'm guessing they could have sold out, but they also do them in red which can be purchased here. I wear these boots with the kind of socks that are designed for ballet pumps, as you can't see them that way and I don't like wearing boots without socks, I did make that mistake last week and now have a very painful blister on the back of my ankle! ouch! These are a little hard at first, but after a few wears they do start to give and become a lot more comfortable, you just need to 'wear the in'. I just love these little boots and they look great with anything from jeans to skirts.

Have you been shopping recently? what did you buy? I hope you enjoyed this haul and please let me know if you would like to see more,


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