Sunday, 21 July 2013

What's in my beach bag...

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22! Anywhoo...but whenever it comes to hitting the beach or pool, I literally have no idea what should go in my bag and so I fill it with unnecessary things, or rather anything and everything within reach that I 'might' need and end up with thee heaviest bag of all. So whilst on holiday in sunny Tenerife three weeks ago, I made a decision to figure out which essentials actually should be in my beach bag and I to share it with you too, just in case you too end up carrying a rather heavy beach bag containing three books everyday, seriously, how quick do I expect to read?

Here are the items that made the cut...

Kaftan - £25 - Next

Whilst on holiday I took four beach cover-ups but found myself going back to this one as it's lightweight, comfortable and goes with all bikini's. Beach cover-ups are great for popping on when you need to head to the bar for another cocktail, shading sunburn and even shading your head if you forgot your hat.

Jelly Sandals - Tesco - Last year

These Jelly shoes are perfect for the beach or poolside, as it doesn't matter if they get wet, get sand in, or both, as they wipe clean. They are also comfortable, versatile and easy to slip on when you need to run and get an ice cream.

Sunglasses - Primark - Last year

It's so important to protect your eyes from the damaging rays of the sun, and this pair are stylish, affordable and because of the price, it doesn't matter if they break, I always seem to break mine!

This is an essential in all of my bags during the heat as just a spritz of this on the face instantly cools you down, and makes you feel refreshed!

A lip balm is always important to keep your lips hydrated in the heat, as the heat will dry them out quickly. I apply an SPF lip balm first to protect my lips from the UV rays and then apply this lip balm to add a touch of colour.

Makeup Bag - £3 - H&M Sale

I like to place my liquids in a makeup bag to try and avoid any spillages ruining my bag, this one is the perfect size to fit just the essentials in.

Sun protection is essential to prevent ageing and skin damage. I like to use a seperate suncream for my face and body, because I usually use a higher factor on my face, as the skin is more delicate in this area. This Soltan Once Face Suncream is perfect as the bottle is small, and the formula is light and non - greasy which is great for the face, I don't need anymore shine. The Garnier Suncream is a spray on bottle, which I always take as it makes application a lot easier, I usually take these in SPF 30,20 and 15 and then I decide on the day which factor to put on, depending on how hot it is.

Tangle Teezers are great for brushing through wet hair as it's gentle but effective, this one has drying feet too meaning that you can pop it on the side after brushing your hair and it will be dry before you need to leave, so no wet bag, yay!

With all the chlorine and salt water taking it's toll on your hair, it can soon dry out leaving it hard to maintain. To protect my hair, I took this leave in conditioner which I sprayed on my hair as soon as I got out of the water, I then brushed it through with my Tangle Teezer to prevent knots and to keep my hair in good condition.

A roll on deodorant is much easier than a spray can to carry around in your bag as they are smaller. You also don't have to worry about the lid falling off allowing it to spray in your bag, ruining everything around it, including your bag and there's nothing worse than someone spraying deodorant and the wind blowing in right in your direction.

This little mirror from Birchbox is perfect to fit into your bag to check on any mascara smudges, spots and even spying on people, you know you do it too!

Magazine - Glamour

What can I say? I'm a magazine-aholic,  I always take a magazine along to the beach or pool because just sometimes I don't quite feel like reading full on stories, but rather prefer to read about fashion, makeup and DIY tips.

I received this as a present for my birthday from my family, I originally asked for the 1st edition kindle as I wasn't that interested in all of the other features, however I absolutely love this now and have found it to be the perfect companion for travel and holidays as you can read, listen to music and play apps all on the same device.

I always like to take a book or two on holiday as well as my kindle for when my kindle decides to run out of charge, this does tend to happen when you spend roughly six hours reading on the deckchair, so I like to have a back up. The I heart collection by Lindsey Kelk are just thee best! I'm not sure how, but I managed to read them in the wrong order and I still love them, as their easy to read, funny and feel good stories.

What do you put in your beach bag?

Love Abbie x

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