Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Haul - Zara (Tenerife)

I think I may have a slight addiction when it comes to shopping...when I haven't indulged for a little while, I get a little under the weather, I fantasize about the latest products and even dream about shopping, I then wake up wishing those products were actually available! Addicted? maybe! Obsessed? Definitely!

Therefore it's no surprise that while I was in Tenerife I came across a Zara store, and they had a huge sale on  which I couldn't resist a cheeky little shop in, however I was very well behaved, and only purchased two items, probably because I had Dan by my side, but I'll still take the credit :)

TRF Brown Faux Leather Shopper Bag

This bag was such a bargain from Zara and is part of their Trafaluc collection, this is a collection aimed at younger fashionistas and therefore tends to be a little more purse friendly. This bag really is quite big and I have a love for big bags, though I'm not quite sure why, as I can never find anything in them when I need it, but still, the bigger, the better. The bag is a gorgeous faux leather texture and is a brown/tan shade, which means it can become such a versatile bag, going with many outfits and for many occasions. There are four sections to the bag, one either side of the large zipped pocket which fits snuggly in the middle, meaning their is even room for that kitchen sink that us girls always feel the need to carry around. There is also a zipped side pocket for smaller items, which is great for things like keys that you will need to find quickly.

I am definitely in love with this bag right now!

Zara Black Eau de Toilette - 30ml

Although I already had some perfume with me on the holiday, I have heard good things about Zara's perfumes, and couldn't resist buying this one. This perfume has a sweet floral smell which is perfect for summer, and is so inexpensive that I can apply liberally without feeling guilty. 

This one is already in my handbag!

Bag - 9.99 EUR
Eau De Toilette - 5.95 EUR

Do you shop whilst your on holiday too? Or is it just me? Have you had any cheeky purchases recently? Let me know in the comments box below,

Love Abbie x

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