Sunday, 16 June 2013

Summer Haul - Part 2

So I hit the shopping centre again, this time with my other half, in search of some more holiday clothes, and I think it's safe to say that we were well and truly shopped out by the end of the day! I usually come home after a shopping trip with the other half feeling rather dissapointed, as he's not the best shopping companion, and I usually just end up picking up the basics so that we can head home, but suprisingly this time I was really happy with my purchases.

Here's what I got...

H&M Dark Blue Dress & Gold Necklace

I actually picked this dress up on a whim, as I needed some basic daytime dresses and they do this in an array of colours. I had tried the mint green version on, but it was a little see through so I opted for the navy, and it actually looks lovely. The top is quite fitting, and although it's high necked, it doesn't sit too high that you feel uncomfortable. It is also a high to low skirt, and being tall, that added length at the back makes me feel much more comfortable, meaning that i'll get a lot more wear out of it.

Dress - £7.99 - H&M

I'm into big necklaces this summer, and I thought this one would be perfect to team with dresses, cropped tops, and even my bikini's for that pool side glam look. It goes perfectly with this dress, as I think that the colours compliment each other well and it will be great to take this plain dress from day to night.

Necklace - £7.99 - H&M

H&M Natural White Knot Back Dress

If you read my last Summer Haul you will know that I have already bought this dress in a black and white print, and I love it that much that I head to head out and get another. This has a V-neck and features a knot at the back which makes draws it in a little, and helps it to gently flare. I bought these dresses with the intention of using them as cover-up's to go over my bikini's during the day, but I think they could also be dressed up for the evening; I'm thinking a tan belt, tan shoes and gold jewellery with this one.

Dress - £7.99 - H&M

Topshop Soft Cami

I've been in love with this cami from Topshop for a while now, it's so simple yet elegant and would not outdate. Whilst walking around the shopping centre, I spotted a girl with it tucked into a high waisted maxi skirt, and it looked gorgeous, so sophisticated for a summer's day. So there I found myself in Topshop purchasing it to go with my latest maxi skirt for my holidays.

Cami - £18 - Topshop

Topshop Tall Stretch Crop Top

I'm becoming a little more daring with crop tops at the moment, and this one from Topshop is perfect to go with high waisted skirts. I bought it in the tall section as I'm 5ft 9, and it gives that little bit of added length, so that it ends about an inch above your belly button rather than just below your chest. I think this is the perfect length if like me your not quite daring enough and don't want to flash too much flesh. Apologies for how creased it looks, i tried it on numerous times in between other outfits when I got home and then decided to take the picture .

Crop Top - £8 - Topshop

Topshop Black Bandeau Bikini Top and Pants

With losing weight, comes a loss in the chest area too, boo! So of course none of my bikini's from last year fit well, and in a frantic search for one, I managed to find this one in Topshop. I only usually wear bandeau bikini's as I hate tan lines, and this one has removable straps, I tried on the orange and pink version, but they made me look freakishly pale, so I opted for black, as it's simple, but will go with everything, and I think it's just as important to have that little black bikini just as much as you need that little black dress!

Bandeau Top - £13

Bikini Bottoms - £8 

Both Topshop

Next Easy Gladiator Style Sandals

A girl can never have too many shoes right? And these are the perfect holiday companions, the colour will go with the majority of my outfits, and the silver strip will dress up any plain outfits for the evening. They also have a zip down the back which makes them easy to put on and take off, and also ensures that they stay tight to your feet when walking, unlike most flimsy sandals, this is great for those holiday shopping trips.

Sandals - £28 - Next

Primark Beige Cardigan

I always get ridiculously cold on the plane, probably because I dress like I'm already on holiday when were leaving England, so I like to take a chunky cardigan that I can wrap around me for those chilly moments. This Cardigan is hugely oversized! This is a small and it drowns me, so I would advise getting at least a size smaller, if not two! It is quite thick, and is a loose open cardi, which is great for putting on with most outfits and is quite long, which makes it perfect teamed with leggings for those of you who, like me, are a little self conscious and like to cover up your bum when your wearing leggings.

Cardigan - £14 - Primark

Primark White Velcro Towel Dress with Flower Trim

I don't know about you, but I like to get ready in a towel; doing your hair and makeup in your evening outfit equals disaster, mascara is meant for your lashes not your new dress, and this towel means having 'butter fingers' won't matter all that much. We are also going on holiday with my O/H's brother and his girlfriend, so this is perfect to ensure that I can avoid the embarrassment of my towel dropping in front of them, you can never be too careful. The towel has velcro across the top of the dress, ensuring that it stays closed, wahoo, and has adjustable straps, which is great for us tall girls as we can make it that fraction longer! The towel also has pockets, which are perfect for makeup items and hair pins whilst getting ready, and features a gorgeous flower print trim around the edges.

Towel - £6 - Primark

Primark White Flower Sandals

I always go for 'safe' sandals in colours and styles that will go with everything, and although these are nothing out of the ordinary, I really liked the design of these sandals. These will look gorgeous with a bikini, a dress, shorts, ok they will still go with everything, but I fancied a change, and these were too cute not to buy. The Flowers have a pearl middle and silver gems around the outside, which look gorgeous. With them being from Primark, I had to check if any of the others had missing gems/pearls yet, as this usually gives an indication as to how long they'll last, if they're off in the shop, they aren't going to last long at home, but to my surprise I couldn't find any, and they were too cute not to buy.

Sandals - £6 - Primark

I also bought Benefit's fake Up Concealer but I'm leaving that review for another post, watch this space!

Have you been shopping lately? What did you buy?

Love Abbie x

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