Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Being within the beauty industry, as most of you may know, I do carry out nail treatments, and therefore I am  possibly biased toward gel polish over ordinary polish! Don't get me wrong I love an Essie polish as much as the next girl, but I find it much easier and more convenient to apply a gel polish such as Gelish which I know will last me for the next 2-3 weeks, rather than chipping the day after application.

Gelish is a product that is trade-only and therefore can only be purchased by someone with a qualifying trade card at a store such as Salon Services. But I have come to notice that quite a few beauty bloggers, or those interested in beauty blogs, are infact from within the hair and beauty industry, and those of you who aren't may be interested in the services, so hopefully this blog post may be of some interest to you.

Being a professional nail technician, I am always looking for new products to better my business, I was previously using Icon Gel Polish, which was from a local trade store, however after using this for over 6 months, and 16 bottles later, I finally tired of the lids crumbling in my hand during application, this did not look good in front of clients, so last week I finally gave up on the bottles, and headed to my local trade store in search of a more reliable brand. 

Gelish has been around for a few years now, and is becoming increasingly popular, they are readily available within trade stores, and online, and even have a Youtube channel with tutorials to follow. So after a lengthy discussion with the in store assistant, and many considerations later, I decided that Gelish would be the best product for my business. 

To start me off, I purchased the Gelish Mini Basix Kit, which contains the mini versions of the basics that you need to start your gelish applications. This includes:

1 x 9ml PH Bond, 
1 x 9ml Foundation base,
1 x 9ml Top it off,
1 x 9ml Nourish cuticle oil,
1 x 60ml Gel cleanser,
1 x 60ml Soak off remover,
2 x Mini cuticle sticks
1 x Buffer
20 x Prep tabs

I also purchased three 15ml bottles of Gelish soak off gel polish, 120ml of Gel Cleanser and received a free 15ml bottle of Top it off. This should keep me going until I have the money to purchase more colours, as they're pretty pricey, but are definitely worth it.

Here are the three colours that I purchased ...

Tiger Blossom...


Glamour Queen...

I chose these three colours, as I felt that they would suit most people for the summer, everybody loves a nude nail, a bright nail and a pink nail, right?!

And of course I couldn't wait to get them on my nail wheel...

And create some designs...

After using them on client's this week, I would definitely recommend the product to nail technicians, they apply like a dream, are reliable and have a wide range of colours and effects. To those of you who aren't nail technicians, but have a manicure at a salon, find your nearest Gelish Salon, it really won't dissapoint! 

Have you tried Gelish? 

Love Abbie x

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