Saturday, 20 April 2013

& Other Stories Haul

Hiya girlies!

So as soon as I heard about H&M's latest label : & Other Stories, which is categorised into four 'stories' and encourages it's buyers to shop to suit their own individual style, I knew that I would be heading straight for their shop when I reached London.

I had a browse through their gorgeous collection of clothes and bags, but I was eager, a little too eager, I might add, to check out their beauty collection.

With a wide range of beauty treasures, from radiance cream to gentle cleansing wipes and their simple yet quirky packaging, I instantly fell in love with the products without even trying them.

 There was so much to choose from that I had no idea where to start, but I had forgotten to take my blusher to London, and a full face of makeup without blusher, is like Marilyn Monroe without curves, it simply wouldn't look right!

So that's where I began...

Applebloom Pink Blusher

I was in awe of these blushers, with so many shades to choose from, twelve to be exact, and the cute quote, it was so hard to choose. In the end I settled on the shade "Applebloom Pink" as its a soft rose colour, which can easily be dressed up or down, a safe bet, and would suit most, if not all, skin tones.

This blusher is highly pigmented, and even the softest touch of the brush, still needs to be tapped before being applied, especially when trying to achieve a subtle look. The colour looks gorgeous dressed down with a nude eye and lips, and a coat or two of mascara, but looks equally as fabulous with a bright lip, bold eye and false lashes for a night out. I will definitely repurchase this product when I run out.

Double Duty Eye Make-Up Remover

If there's one thing I hate about make-up, it's removing it at the end of the day! So anything that will make this task even a little easier, i'll try it. This bottle intrigued me with its twist top, which took a hell of a lot of working out, the colour and the seperating liquids, easily amused I know, and I couldn't help but think that it would look amazing on my dresser!

The product works really well at removing eye make-up, I apply some to two seperate cotton wool pads, one for each eye, press againt the eyes for a few seconds and then wipe away, repeating when neccessary. The only problem I have with this product is that it's very greasy, but if you leave it to dry for a few seconds before applying your cleanser/moisturiser, it does leave your skin feeling smooth. Just don't apply if your in a rush.

Cotton Sticks

Ok, so who doesn't need cotton sticks? Boring I know, but I bought these simply because I thought they would look good on my dresser, I always need cotton sticks, and they were only £1.00, why not?

Have you checked out & Other Stories yet?

Love Abbie x

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