Thursday, 21 March 2013

Wish Upon A Jar Wonder Face Cream

Hiya Girlies!

It's that time again when I notice the toll the weather has taken on my skin and decide to reunite myself with Wish Upon A Jar.

The moment my eyes fell upon Wish Upon A Jar, I just knew I had to have it!

I am so easily led by the packaging of a product, that when I saw this gorgeous, perfectly rounded, shiny little jar, I immediately began to imagine it decoratively positioned on my bedroom unit.

Wish Upon A Jar is a 21 day collagen cream, which promises to be full of benefits, including improving moisture, smoothing fine lines and brightening tired skin. With the use of Youthflake diamond spheres, this cream is able to minimise the appearance of almost any skin flaws.

This is an anti-ageing product primarily, however being twenty-one, I do not use the product for this specific purpose. I find that this product works best for me, by visibly reducing the look of my dry, blemished and dull skin. When my skin is dry, the lines that go from my nose to my mouth when I smile, (Yes, those ones,) become very deep and dry, and therefore my foundation doesn't sit well on this area. Using this cream reduces these lines and allows my foundation to sit perfectly on top, creating a flawless look. It also makes my skin look so much brighter, more awake and so much more youthfull, leaving me with a smile on my face all day!

 However this wonder cream does have a flaw of its own! It can only be used for a period of 21 days at a time, and trust me, with the benefits your skin will reap, you will want to use this product everyday for the rest of your life! (Yes, it really is that good!) The product recommends to leave a gap inbetween use, I believe this is also 21 days, and it really is hard to keep away, and not just reach for that jar for a sneaky application.

After cleansing and toning, I apply a small amount of Wish Upon A Jar all over my face and neck, avoiding the delicate areas (eyes and lips.) I apply this in place of my moisturiser, or if my skin is feeling incredibly dry, I use it underneath my favourite moisturiser. I apply this day and night for 21 days straight (marking this out in your diary helps to keep count!)

I would recommend this product for anyone with the above concerns mentioned, and even for those who just feel the need for a skin perfecting pick-me-up!

Have any of you tried this product or a similar one? Please let me know in the comment box below.

Love Abbie x

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