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Elemis Fresh Skin Softly Softly Daily Moisturiser

Hiya Girlies!

This months Cosmopolitan magazine (£3.60) has a choice of three Elemis Fresh skin products, there are two moisturisers and a lip balm to choose from (but which one to choose?). I loved my product so much that I just had to let you guys know!

My skincare routine is a really important part of my beauty regime! As without a clean canvas you cannot paint a clean picture!

However I have so many freakin moisturisers, I never know which one to choose!
(Though I feel this could be a new favourite!)

Elemis Fresh Skin Softly Softly Daily Moisturiser

 The Fresh Skin range was created by Elemis for 'young skin' with the aim of targetting 'problem, oily and blemish prone skin.' As I suffer from awfully blemished skin (Pcos dramas) this product should be well suited.

The product is a sample size of 25ml which I think is fab, as there is enough to test the product long enough to know whether or not it works for your skin. Most samples don't do this, which means they go to waste as they're usually tossed into my makeup basket and forever forgotten about. (Not what the companies had in mind, I'm sure!)

The product promises to be 'free from parabens, sls, sles, dea, mineral oils, artificial colours and silicones' and is also 'dermatologically tested' which I think are important factors for skincare products. (I am easily swayed towards a product if it has these benefits)

The product is very light, and a little goes a long way, which I love! (Nothing worse than a moisturiser that needs to be applied thickly!) It smells absolutely divine! With rosehip seed and almond oils, im sure you can imagine the sweet scent now! (Heavenly!)

After cleansing and toning my skin, I apply a small blob (roughly 5p size) of the mosituriser into my hands, and using firm upward strokes, apply the mosituriser to my face and neck, I then apply my lip balm and leave to work itself in whilst I do my hair, before finally applying my makeup.

I really would recommend this product, and will be rushing out to purchase a full sized bottle as soon as this one is half way down. I've had my eye on the cleansers, as they look fabulous too!

Did any of you guys try this product or any of the others? Please let me know in the comment box below!

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Love Abbie x

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