Thursday, 27 December 2012

Leighton Denny Crystal Nail File

Hi sweeties, hope you all had a fabulous christmas and enjoyed your time spent with family and friends!

Look what my mumma bear bought me for christmas! My very own Leighton Denny nail file! And a crystal one at that! eeek! :)

I am so excited 2 start using this file for a number of reasons...

First of all, this is the only file of its kind that can be used to file both ways on the nail, without damaging the nail itself.
The file can also be sterilised after each use and be used time and time again, thus meaning that i can use it not only for personal use, but for business use too :) i think my clients will be most impressed!

And aswell as all of these impressive qualities, the Leighton Denny nail files are a file for life, as the quality of the product will remain intact and will do a continuously good job for as long as you have long as you do not smash it on a hard floor that is :)


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