Friday, 16 November 2012

October empties

Oooooo! :( So ive used up three amazing products last month, and i have used them until the bitter end! I would, actually, no, i am going to! Purchase all three of these items again as they are truly amazing!

First up is soap and glorys sugar crush scrub, this smells soooo divine! Its an exfoliator, which is supposed to be used 3-4 times per week. Me, however, i love it so much ive used it nearly every day! but now i know about it! Oops! Because the particles in it (sugar? Maybe!) are so rough, and i scrub a little too hard, my skin has kinda taken a bit more than it can handle, and therefore its a little fragile and red! But thats ok! :)

Next up is the tresemme colour revitalise treatment mask. I have ombre hair, and therefore i need to give it a little bit more tlc to say sorry for exposing it to bleach! Oops!
I wash my hair with shampoo twice, and rinse thoroughly, then i apply generously to my ends and just a little over the rest of my hair, then i brush it through with a wide toothed comb and wrap it up all snug in a towel while i catch up on some tv :) have a cuppa and eat some biccies. Then i rinse it thoroughly and apply a leave in conditioner for extra softness! It smells nice, and really softens my hair! I use it twice a week yo get the result i want.

And last is my Jimmy, j, jimmy, jimmy jimmy j jimmy shoe (fugative song, boyfriends fault ) jimmy choo Perfume! :( wahhh! I am really not happy with the fact that i have used this all up! It was my favourite perfume! This perfume is ah-mazing! It smells so lush! And the bottle is gorgeous too! This is £35.10 at debenhams for a 60ml bottle currently, so its fairly pricey but if you only use it for special occasions, as it is more of a night time scent, then its totally worth it! I would highly recommend saving up! :)

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