Thursday, 15 November 2012

Clinique superbalance foundation

Okay so im getting a little cosy with clinique atm, im absolutly loving their products and i just had to buy the superbalance foundation! Its £21.50 which is far more than i would ever usually spend on a foundation (i usually spend £10 tops!) but the plan is to only use it on special occasions, as its long lasting!

I asked the clinique rep to match the colour to my skin, she was so lovely and really helpful! She removed a patch of foundation from my chin and placed three samples of foundation that she thought would suit my skintone. She was actually suprised as i best suited 02- fair skin with a red undertone, however i have olive skin with a yellow undertone and am fairly tanned. But shes the expert so i cant argue, she also said that if i didnt get on with the colour that she would exchange it! :)

Looking forward to my next night out! X

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