Thursday, 27 December 2012

Leighton Denny Crystal Nail File

Hi sweeties, hope you all had a fabulous christmas and enjoyed your time spent with family and friends!

Look what my mumma bear bought me for christmas! My very own Leighton Denny nail file! And a crystal one at that! eeek! :)

I am so excited 2 start using this file for a number of reasons...

First of all, this is the only file of its kind that can be used to file both ways on the nail, without damaging the nail itself.
The file can also be sterilised after each use and be used time and time again, thus meaning that i can use it not only for personal use, but for business use too :) i think my clients will be most impressed!

And aswell as all of these impressive qualities, the Leighton Denny nail files are a file for life, as the quality of the product will remain intact and will do a continuously good job for as long as you have long as you do not smash it on a hard floor that is :)


Saturday, 8 December 2012

New Revlon goodies!!

I went shopping last week on the hunt for a new primer, as my skin is becoming very dry due to the weather-heating situation we go through during winter, and of course I didnt just come back with a primer! oops!

The primer that I felt had the best consistancy was this Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer in 001 which as far as im aware is the only shade, it contains 27ml and is £12.99 in Boots, I have noticed im getting down it pretty quickly already, but I have used it every day, I love the consistency, it has a silky smooth texture, it glides on really well, and gives me a good base for my foundation, so far so good!

Of course with Revlon being on 3 for 2, I just had 2 get 2 more products :)

Next up is the Revlon Photoready blusher in Pinched 100, this is an orange coloured blush, with a creamy texture, I saw this in a youtube video, and ive heard some good reviews, so I really wanted to try this out for myself, now I dont yet have an opinion on this as I havent yet mastered how to apply this, so untill I have some spare time to play with it, ive put it aside. I think this was around £7 but I have already lost my receipt.

I then got the Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter in 010 Raspberry Pie, I have been lusting after this for so long after seeing it in youtube videos and blogs, but I just didnt have time to go get one, and when I saw it I just had to buy it, I think it was around £7/£8 and it is so worth the money, I absolubtly love this and have worn it everyday, its so easy to apply, the colour is gorgeous! and the texture is so smooth! This is my favourite product!

Aswell as the 3 for 2 offer being on, when you purchased 3 products at boots you also got this nail varnish free, so thats 2 free products, I couldnt have been happier, not only is it gold but its a glitter polish too, which is fab for autumn as these are really on trend right now, its called sequins, and is a clear polish with big chunks of gold glitter, and some tiny ones too, it looks gorgeous when layered up on top of red nail polish ready for christmas! its worth £6.99 i think it said, and for free I think this os amazing, if they sold the product I would definitly buy it!


Friday, 30 November 2012

Its beginning to look a lot like christmas!

yayyy so its the 1st December tommorrow! And now we have our advent calenders up (thanks to my boyfriend's mum) I now feel in the christmas spirit! :) I cannot wait to get snuggled by the fire, wrapped in blankets, eating choccies and watching christmas films!


Essie Nail Polish

I was so excited about becoming the proud owner of my first essie nail polish, that i just had 2 do this post straight away, and, might i add, in the car, (so apologies for the picture quality,) I eventually decided upon the colour recessionista, which is absolutly gorgeous! I think it may be a new one to the collection, and its a pink/red/purple toned colour which is just perfect for autumn!

Now I am a qualified nail technician, and yes i can just use my gel polishes to paint my nails, and yes it does last longer, but...i find it somewhat therapeutic after ive had my bath, put my jimjams on and im watching tv; to paint my nails with a nice new polish.

And essie it had to be! :)


Wednesday, 28 November 2012

whats in my makeup bag - primer

ok, so my makeup bag is getting pretty full, with all my recent purchases, so i thought id review the contents :)
So for my base, i use the Jemma Kidd instant lift perfecting primer, alongside my loreal lumi magique primer. The Jemma Kidd primer was free in this months Marie claire, and i have loved using this, im dont like to use this alone, but i think it works well with my loreal primer. Neither of these products make my makeup last any longer, but they do help thicker foundations such as my Estee Lauder Double Wear to apply easier.
I will not be purchasing the Jemma Kidd primer again, but only because i want a primer that fills the gaps, it can be purchased at for £14.00 if you wish to try it yourself or just pop into a supermarket and get it for free with this months Marie Claire.
I will most probably purchase the Loreal primer again as it can also be used as a highlighter and allows your face to glow :) this can be purchased at for £9.99 and u can also collect your points too x

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Bows and spots

I had another little practice at nail art tonight and decided to do these bows and spots, using icon gel polish in velvet, and white nail paint :) it was a random design but i quite like it! yay! :) x

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Minnie mouse nails!

These are the minnie mouse nails that i have attempted tonight :) im actually quite happy with them, trying to get ideas of designs and practicing them where possible ;)
For this design, I have used Icon gel polish, and i have used 1 coat of bonding prep, 2 coasts of raspberry crush, a white design and two layers of topcoat, all cured for 2 minutes at a time with a uv lamp.

Nail time!

ok, so ive just qualified in gelacryl nails, ive been doing it for just over a month and i absolubtly LOVE it! it hives me the chance to practice my artistic side and its not often i grt time to do that anymore, being a busy bee and all! I also decided to buy the Icon gel polishes and am currently trying to do nail art :) im just starting to build up my client base, and i cant wait till im doing it full time!  The pictures below are a few designs ive tried, all are first attempts, so they are not perfect but im proud of them! :) I thought i would share them, and hope that youll let me know what you think x

Friday, 16 November 2012

Yayyyy! New soap and glory products!

Sooo i was really sad that i didnt have any sugar crush body scrub left, i decided to treat myself to some more :) especially because there on the 3 for 2 offer at boots, how could i resist? But i somehow forgot to pick up the body scrub?! and im gutted! Probably because i got far too excited when i saw that they did the body wash version, and i managed to buy that, and it smells just as scrummy as the scrub :) although i think the ingredients are different.

I also bought the mist you madly body spray which is now on standby waiting for me to finish my current bottle, i use this daily as it smells fab! Its such a sweet scent, but i love that, and i get so many compliments when i wear it!

And then for my freebie i got the glad hair day shampoo, i had this as a gift last christmas and thought it really suited my hair, as i generally find it hard to get a good shampoo that really lathers when i use it rather than drying my hair out. I had completely forgot about this product though untill i rediscovered it on my shopping trip and im so glad i did!

Sugar crush shower gel - £6.50
Mist you madly body spray - £6.50
Glad hair day shampoo- free on 3 for 2 with the above products but is usually £5.50
All purchased from boots


October empties

Oooooo! :( So ive used up three amazing products last month, and i have used them until the bitter end! I would, actually, no, i am going to! Purchase all three of these items again as they are truly amazing!

First up is soap and glorys sugar crush scrub, this smells soooo divine! Its an exfoliator, which is supposed to be used 3-4 times per week. Me, however, i love it so much ive used it nearly every day! but now i know about it! Oops! Because the particles in it (sugar? Maybe!) are so rough, and i scrub a little too hard, my skin has kinda taken a bit more than it can handle, and therefore its a little fragile and red! But thats ok! :)

Next up is the tresemme colour revitalise treatment mask. I have ombre hair, and therefore i need to give it a little bit more tlc to say sorry for exposing it to bleach! Oops!
I wash my hair with shampoo twice, and rinse thoroughly, then i apply generously to my ends and just a little over the rest of my hair, then i brush it through with a wide toothed comb and wrap it up all snug in a towel while i catch up on some tv :) have a cuppa and eat some biccies. Then i rinse it thoroughly and apply a leave in conditioner for extra softness! It smells nice, and really softens my hair! I use it twice a week yo get the result i want.

And last is my Jimmy, j, jimmy, jimmy jimmy j jimmy shoe (fugative song, boyfriends fault ) jimmy choo Perfume! :( wahhh! I am really not happy with the fact that i have used this all up! It was my favourite perfume! This perfume is ah-mazing! It smells so lush! And the bottle is gorgeous too! This is £35.10 at debenhams for a 60ml bottle currently, so its fairly pricey but if you only use it for special occasions, as it is more of a night time scent, then its totally worth it! I would highly recommend saving up! :)

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Clinique superbalance foundation

Okay so im getting a little cosy with clinique atm, im absolutly loving their products and i just had to buy the superbalance foundation! Its £21.50 which is far more than i would ever usually spend on a foundation (i usually spend £10 tops!) but the plan is to only use it on special occasions, as its long lasting!

I asked the clinique rep to match the colour to my skin, she was so lovely and really helpful! She removed a patch of foundation from my chin and placed three samples of foundation that she thought would suit my skintone. She was actually suprised as i best suited 02- fair skin with a red undertone, however i have olive skin with a yellow undertone and am fairly tanned. But shes the expert so i cant argue, she also said that if i didnt get on with the colour that she would exchange it! :)

Looking forward to my next night out! X

Clinique chubby stick

Just purchased the new clinique chubby stick moisturizing lip colour balm!

Its in the limited edition shade - pink with a purpose and comes with a gorgeous pink case with room for a couple more (not that its an excuse ;) is it?). It also has a heart zip with a tickled pink symbol and with every purchase £2 goes to the charity, which helps to ease the guilt a little when you know you dont exactly need the product, but money is going to charity with a little help from you! See you feel better already! :)

This cost £16 and today at boots if you spent £50 you received £12 worth of points so really i hardly paid anything for it :) totally worth it if you ask me x

So i shop. A lot. Id even go as far as saying im addicted! :/ and...this may be an unhealthy addiction?! But its fun! So... I made a conscious decision to continue. And while i keep feeding my addiction i thought i may aswell share it. So here it goes...:)

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